The Toilet History Museum

Located at No. 22 Rybalska Street. In the museum you can get to know about the history of the hygiene, the use of toilets and the sanitation during the ages, from the prehistorical times to the nowadays, in different parties of the world. The exposition includes lots of exhibits – examples of toilets, water-closets, bidets and ceramic night vases using in the Early Modern Period, 19th and 20th centuries, also models of privies used in the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. There are also many different souvenirs related with toilets and the ‘toilet culture’.

ImagePicture 1. The example of the toilet from the 18th century in Europe

You can order there an excellent guided tour, unfortunately only in the Russian language.

ImagePicture 2. The exhibits

ImagePicture 3. The toilet-related souvenirs

One thought on “The Toilet History Museum

  1. Interesujące, sprawdzałam i wydaje mi się, że nie mamy nic podobnego, ewentualnie część wystawy z Muzeum Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Bydgoszczy nawiązuje do tematu

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